U.S. set to rejoin human-rights abusers Russia, China and Cuba on U.N. Human Rights Council

President Joe Biden is having the United States rejoin the U.N. Human Rights Council, a reversal of the Trump administration’s decision to leave the world body.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced Monday that the nation will be part of the council once again as an observer, not a full member.

The Trump administration made the decision to leave in 2018, citing the board’s fixation on Israel as a cause for concern.

“We recognize that the Human Rights Council is a flawed body, in need of reform to its agenda, membership, and focus, including its disproportionate focus on Israel,” Blinken said in a statement.

“However, our withdrawal in June 2018 did nothing to encourage meaningful change, but instead created a vacuum of U.S. leadership, which countries with authoritarian agendas have used to their advantage.”

The “flawed body” comment by Blinken appeared to be a soft jab at member nations such as Cuba, Russia and China.

All three of these countries have notorious human rights abuses going on now, such as the Uyghur Muslim genocide in China, or in their recent past.

Blinken said Monday morning that joining the council once again will give the United States a chance to improve it through “robust and principled U.S. leadership.”

‘The @UN Human Rights Council is flawed and needs reform, but walking away won’t fix it. The best way to improve the Council, so it can achieve its potential, is through robust and principled U.S. leadership. Under @POTUS Biden, we are reengaging and ready to lead,” he tweeted.

While Blinken is remaining optimistic, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley called out the move as enabling dangerous regimes.

“The UN Human Rights Council doesn’t improve human rights. It covers for dictators & human rights abusers like Russia, China, & Venezuela. Sad to see the Biden admin legitimize an org that has become a farce to human rights advocates around the world,” Haley tweeted.

Haley’s skepticism is a sign that Blinken and the diplomats serving under Biden need to be tough on these nations in order for progress to be made.

The United Nations plays a major role in global affairs, and the United States needs to be an arbiter of morality in the body.

It is important that nations such as China and Russia be held accountable for their human rights atrocities.

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