Punitive green policies: UK's 'conservative' govt to tax meat, cheese

(BREITBART) – The UK government is considering proposals to tax all areas of life depending on how polluting they are, with much higher house heating and grocery bills a likely outcome for consumers.

Many Britons look back with amazement, if not bewilderment, at the fact the UK government was once so penny-pinching it even taxed windows, leading to many to brick up their lights to save the bill and, it is claimed, leaving us with the saying “daylight robbery” of a particularly egregious or cruel theft. While this may feel like a regressive tax punishing the poor from a less enlightened time, Britain is now looking to top that achievement in sheer vindictiveness, by taxing meat and cheese.

Britain’s nominally ‘Conservative’ government – although in practice it is generally anything but, having achieved little of note beyond spiraling debt, rising public spending, and unfettered mass migration during over ten years in power – is cleaving to a policy of massive and radical change to serve a green agenda. Seeking to achieve a self-imposed target of net-zero emissions by the middle of this century, the UK government is now looking to use taxes to change human behavior.

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