Democrats favor jobs for Visa workers over U.S. graduates

(DAVID HARRIS JR.) – A recent poll shows just how out of touch Democratic voters are or possibly just how much they hate America and all it stands for. It’s an opinion shared by the liberals they continually elect. The question was a simple one. Should major US companies hire Americans or should they be allowed to bring in cheap foreign labor to displace Americans? Not just a lot of Democrats said foreign labor but a majority said so.

There is one good thing I can see coming out of it. Once we displace enough Americans, parents will decide it’s not worth sending their kids to college after which they become unemployed or greeters at Walmart or maybe managing a Wawa Convenience Store. That way they don’t get indoctrinated at out liberal universities that go broke because no one is willing to pay their exorbitant tuition fees.

The poll was taken from January 31 to February 4 with survey of 1,250 likely voters.

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